Man accused of killing nine-year-old Lilia Valutyte was slashed and left for dead in prison

Man accused of killing nine-year-old Lilia Valutyte was slashed and left for dead in prison

Deividas Skebas, 22, was air-lifted to hospital after being “left for dead” in a cell ambush by vengeful lags.

Slightly-built Skebas had tried to shelter in his cell at Category A Wakefield Prison, West Yorkshire – but was savagely attacked by an inmate wielding a makeshift “shank” weapon.

The fruit-picker – accused of the broad-daylight murder in Boston, Lincolnshire, which shocked Britain - was treated in hospital and stayed overnight before returning to his cell the next day.

And a souce said: “Skebas was beaten to a pulp and also slashed with a makeshift shank weapon - likely a razor blade in a toothbrush.

Deividas Skebas was slashed and battered in a brutal jail attack

“People have been plotting against him for a while and on Sunday they got their chance, with a few running into his cell and ambushing him.

“There was one bloke who meted out the beating, aided by a couple of others who joined in and kept watch.

“He was in a very bad way and was basically left for dead.

“Guards found him and acted very quickly, and he was taken to hospital by air ambulance.

“Skebas has had a target on his back since he arrived – and really this attack was only a matter of time.

“There are a lot of nasty people in Wakefield, in for a lot of awful things – but the fact the Lithuanian is accused of killing a nine-year-old made him a target.

“If guards had not found him, it could have been all over for him.”

Lithuanian national Skebas was last night being watched around the clock by prison officers, and is likely to be moved to another jail.

He was targeted last Sunday when staffing numbers were down. Police are investigating the attack.

Skebas, of Boston, appeared at Lincoln Crown Court on August 1 accused of murder. He spoke only to confirm his name and address and kept his head bowed.

Nine-year-old Lilia Valutyte can be seen playing with her little sister minutes before she was stabbed

He was remanded in custody, and moved to a normal wing at Wakefield Prison - dubbed Monster’s Mansion as it holds fiends including Tia Sharpe murderer Stuart Hazell and cop killer Kamel Bourgass.

Skebas is due at a plea and trial preparation hearing on September 19.

Little Lilia was knifed in the street in Boston as she played with her sister outside a café where her mother, Lina, was working.

Haunting footage showed her playing hula-hoop with her younger sibling minutes before the attack at 6.20pm on Thursday July 28.

An inquest has heard that Harry Potter fan Lilia died from a stab wound to the chest.

A Prison Service spokesperson said: “A prisoner at HMP Wakefield was treated in hospital for injuries following an assault by another prisoner. We are unable to comment further while police investigate."