Texas middle school teacher fired after playing 40 minutes of dog whistle noise

Texas middle school teacher fired after playing 40 minutes of dog whistle noise

Texas teacher is fired and accused of torture after she punished class by playing video of shrieking dog whistle for 40 MINUTES - leaving children clutching their ears.

The unidentified woman played the YouTube clip at Leland Edge Middle School for an entire period on March 2, leaving students clutching their ears in agony, and accusing them of torture.

It is unclear what the class had done to merit being punished.

The teacher has since been dismissed, with police also probing the incident, as one girl who was in the classroom condemned the teacher's behavior.

Zoey Lohrs told NBC DFW: 'She put on the ringing noise everyone was covering their ears. One of them walked out of the classroom, one of them was yelling that it was torture and one was trying to unplug the computer.'

The TV station also played a noise similar to the one broadcast to the class - a shrill, high-pitched constant whistle so unpleasant that they had to issue a warning to viewers over a broadcast lasting just a few seconds.

Police are investigating a teacher at Leland Edge Middle School who decided to discipline her students by playing a 40- minute 'dog whistle' YouTube video.

Her mother Janice said the teacher's actions are even more unacceptable because she was aware that her daughter has high sensitivity to high pitched noises that leads to migraines.

'I would understand if the teacher used it for a split second to gain the attention of the class but not for the excess of 40 minutes. Not when kids are begging you to stop,' Zoey's mother said.

In a statement to NBC DFW the school district confirmed the teacher was fired and said 'student health, safety and security remains the highest priority for the district.'

Police have opened an investigation into a former teacher, Community Independent School District said.

School officials are currently questioning students and staff about the incident as police continue their investigation.

'The District will cooperate fully with local law enforcement agencies and the legal process. While CISD wants to be as open and honest as possible, we cannot comment further on this matter until the ongoing investigation has been concluded,' the district said.

But Janice Lohrs says she hopes the teacher faces repercussions for her actions.

'I would really like her held accountable for her actions, this is not ok. You have my kid for eight hours a day. It's supposed to be a safe place,' she said.

YouTube has multiple whistle type videos, claiming that some of the sounds are so high only a child can hear, and that some are of a different pitch that is only audible to an adult.