Alyssa Dayvault callously murdered her two newly born babies

Alyssa Dayvault callously murdered her two newly born babies

Evil Lives Here is investigating the shocking murder of two newly born babies by their mother, Alyssa Dayvault, in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

In November 2017, Dayvault gave birth to a baby girl in secret at her home. After the birth, she put the baby into a trash bag and threw the child away.

Approximately a year later, in December 2018, Dayvault again gave birth, this time to a boy. She again hid the birth from her boyfriend and her mother. She would later explain that she had passed out after giving birth alone and had awoken 15 minutes later to see the baby’s blue face. And again, she threw the child into a trash receptacle.

Dayvault’s actions came to light when she began to suffer medical complications from the second birth. She visited a hospital but insisted to the medical staff that she had not given birth. It was only when confronted with refutable medical evidence did she admit that she had been pregnant and what had happened to the babies.

When the investigators asked why she had thrown her babies away, she said: “Ï wasn’t thinking. I wasn’t. I was too scared.”
Alyssa Dayvault guilty of murder by child abuse

At Dayvault’s trial, the prosecutors argued that she had shown “extreme indifference for human life” by not seeking out help for either of the two babies. She could have abandoned them at a fire station or put them up for adoption. But instead, she chose to throw them away like pieces of garbage.

In October 2020, the killer was found guilty on two counts of homicide by child abuse. Dayvault was actually absent when convicted, but she turned herself in to the police a few hours after the verdict was read out.

At sentencing, Dayvault’s lawyers argued that the judge should be lenient with their client as she had no previous run-ins with the law and was suffering from mental health issues.

A tearful Dayvault told the court, “I never meant to do anything. I made a horrible mistake. I would never do anything to harm anyone, especially a child.”

The judge sentenced her to serve two 40 year terms in prison without the possibility of parole.