4-Year-Old Boy Wakes up from Life-Or-Death Surgery, Claims He Met a Sister He Never Knew Existed

4-Year-Old Boy Wakes up from Life-Or-Death Surgery, Claims He Met a Sister He Never Knew Existed

Colton Burpo was 4 years old when he faced a life-threatening situation. He had a burst appendix and was rushed to the emergency room. Doctors had little doubt about his survival, but his recovery was an even bigger story.

In 2003, 4-year-old Colton Burpo lay on the hospital bed, unconscious. He needed a surgical procedure for his burst appendix, and there was little doubt that he could make it out of the scary moment.

Unfortunately, Colton was misdiagnosed with flu while on a family trip to Colorado. His situation had worsened by the time they returned home. His father, Todd Burpo, a preacher, had been told by the doctors to expect the worst.

In despair, Todd went into a hospital room and yelled at God. Surprisingly, Colton pulled through and returned home with his family after 17 days.


His recovery was a source of joy to his family, but what followed next left the family with a series of questions. First, Colton told his parents that he paid a visit to heaven during the time he spent fighting for his life, where he saw Jesus. He claimed he sat on Jesus's lap and saw winged angels.

At first, Todd and his wife, Sonja, tried to dismiss their son's claims. They believed he was reciting one of his lessons from the church, but he gave them another shocker with more revelations.

The little boy claimed he had seen a little girl who looked like him during his time in heaven. Colton said the girl told him she had died while still inside their mother, Sonja.

Colton added that he met his grandfather, who had died 30 years earlier. He described the moment he left his body and saw his father, Todd, shouting at God in the room.

A family photo of Colton Burpo with his parents and siblings.| Source: youtube.com/ Phillippians2v9to11.

Colton said he got up from the operating table as the angels sang "Jesus Loves You" to him, trying to keep him calm. He claimed he saw Mary and John the Baptist. Colton said:

“Jesus had brown hair, a brown beard, a very bright smile, and his eyes were just beautiful sea blue.”

Todd and Sonja said they had never told their son about any of the things he described. Likewise, Colton had no idea that Sonja had lost a baby. Although critics dismissed his claims as fantasies, his parents believed him.

Colton Burpo holding a mic while singing.

Todd said he was disappointed when members of his church dismissed Colton's claims, and some labeled them false. The preacher said he expected such reactions from atheists but not from Christians.

The part-time fireman confessed to searching through the Bible to see other accounts of people's visits to heaven and check for correlations, but all signs showed that Colton's experience was unique.

Todd said he was further convinced when Colton said he saw him praying in a room in the hospital. However, the then-45-year-old never spoke to his son about it and was unconscious, so he could not have known what happened.

Colton Burpo signing on the books he wrote with his parents on the table with him.


Colton grew up living a normal life. He took part in both wrestling and music during his high school days, and his mother, Sonja, made sure to shield him from critics.

He turned 20 in 2019 and shared a post on his Instagram to mark his new age. He also shared a post last month – his engagement with his fiancĂ©e. He captioned the post:

“I now have an adventure buddy for the rest of my life. Very excited and grateful for my fiance.”

Despite living as a typical teen, Colton uses his experience to comfort children with serious medical situations and give their parents hope that their kids are going to a better place.