What happened to Amelie Delagrange and when was she murdered by Levi Bellfield?

What happened to Amelie Delagrange and when was she murdered by Levi Bellfield?

AMELIE Delagrange was a French student visiting the UK when she was murdered by serial killer Levi Bellfield.

Evil Bellfield confessed to killing the 22-year-old while he was on remand.

French student Amelie Delagrange was murdered by the depraved killer in 2004.

What happened to Amelie Delagrange?

Amélie Delagrange was a 22-year-old French student visiting the UK.

She was found at Twickenham Green, London on the evening of 19 August 2004 with serious head injuries, and died in hospital the same night.

Within 24 hours, the police established that she might have been killed by the same person who had killed Marsha McDonnell 18 months earlier.

Ms McDonnell, 19, died after being beaten over the head with a blunt instrument near her home in Hampton, London.

Twisted killer Levi Bellfield is spending the rest of his life behind bars for a series of horrific murders.

Who is Levi Bellfield?

Levi Bellfield was born Levi Rabetts in London on May 17, 1968.

He grew up on a council estate in the capital and received his first conviction while still a child for a burglary in 1981.

Later he was nicked for assaulting a police officer and by 2002 had a rap sheet of nine convictions and hand spent almost a year in prison.

His character was described as controlling and evil by police who would eventually interview him for the heinous crimes he would commit.

Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton of the Metropolitan Police, who led the murder hunt, said: "When we started dealing with him he came across as very jokey like he's your best mate.

"But he's a cunning individual, violent. He can switch from being nice to being nasty, instantly."

He killed Marsha McDonnell and Milly Dowler as well as Ms Delagrange and was also convicted of the attempted murder of Kate Sheedy.

Bellfield, who converted to Islam in prison, is serving three life sentences.