Man, 42, 'admits beheading girlfriend after she tried to break up with him'

Man, 42, 'admits beheading girlfriend after she tried to break up with him'

ALEXIS Saborit has allegedly admitted beheading his girlfriend after she reportedly tried to break up with him, claim police.

America Thayer, 55, was brutally dragged from her car and decapitated before her body was left on the pavement in Shakopee, Minneapolis.

Prosecutors allege Alexis Saborit, 42, fatally attacked America Thayer, 56, on Wednesday afternoon at in intersection in Shakopee.

He was charged with murder on Friday for allegedly beheading the woman while they were in a car in traffic.

Authorities have not said what motivated the attack, but Saborit has a criminal history that includes a domestic assault conviction for an attack against Thayer in 2017.

At that time, she said they had been dating seven years.

In the police statement submitted to court, it says that he and Thayer had been dating for several years.

On Wednesday, they were together earlier in the day and went to the park.

He told investigators they were going to go to his court appearance together.

On the way to court, Thayer allegedly told Saborit that she wanted to "get rid" of him and end their relationship, the statement adds.

He allegedly told cops he used a knife to kill Thayer because she had “gone too far” in her alleged abuse of him and in her comments about ending their relationship.

A local resident helped cops locate the weapon allegedly used to kill Thayer, with the statement adding that her dog had found a knife in a garden near the intersection of Spencer Street and 4th Avenue.

MSN News reports that the statement says cops noted a black handle sticking up from the ground, concealed in a bush.

The knife was almost entirely concealed in the dirt and difficult to see, the court document adds.

It was described as a black machete with a partially serrated edge.

The blade was covered with what cops described as a blood-like substance and there appeared to be strands of hair on the blade.

The knife also appeared to fit the sheath found at the crime scene, the document claims.

According to the complaint and a search warrant affidavit, police were told that a body with no head had been pulled out of a car belonging to Thayer.

They were also told that a suspicious man was seen walking in a nearby alley.

This woman has a son, has a family and people that care about her, Shakopee Police Chief Jeff Tate

Police arrived to find Thayer's headless body on the ground, next to her bloodied car.

Her head was a foot away. A machete-style knife, bloody shirt and shoes were found in an alley a few blocks away, the Star Tribune reported.

Saborit, of Shakopee, appeared in Scott County court on Friday.

At a bail hearing, he claimed he was innocent, according to a reporter who was at the scene.

"Through a Spanish interpreter, he told the judge, 'I’m innocent. It was self-defense' and claimed he was the victim of attempted extortion and murder," the reporter said.

According to court documents, several people saw the attack.


One witness a few cars behind Thayer's allegedly saw Saborit make a hitting motion while sitting behind the wheel, then throw something.

The witness said they then saw Saborit drag what looked like a body out of the car.

Another person recorded video through a residential window that appeared to show Saborit pull Thayer out of the car and then pick up her head by the hair.

Shakopee Police Chief Jeff Tate told Bring Me The News: “We are aware that a bystander took a video of this incident.

"We have that video. It is deeply disturbing that the first instinct was to post that on social media.

“This woman has a son, has a family and people that care about her and the last place anyone should find out about a tragedy involving a loved one is via social media.

“Thankfully we were able to apprehend this individual quickly.”

Saborit was arrested about one-and-a-half miles (2.41km) away, about three blocks from a hotel where he was staying.


At the time of the attack, Saborit was missing a court hearing in Scott County.

This was related to allegations that he set fire to his second-story apartment in November during a confrontation with police in Shakopee.

At one point during that standoff, Saborit brandished a machete.

Fox 9 reporter Mary McGuire tweeted that she had spoken with a former co-worker of Thayer who said the woman had been "in a long term relationship with the suspect and domestic abuse had been a consistent problem".

McGuire added: "When asked by the co-worker why she didn’t leave, Thayer said 'If I leave, he will kill me'."

The reporter said that a roadside "memorial for America Thayer is growing in Shakopee".

She also shared the origins of the dead woman's name, saying that Thayer's Puerto Rican parents "were so happy to have moved to the United States, they named her America".