Infant baby dies after a teen babysitter throws her in the air 'over and over again'

Infant baby dies after a teen babysitter throws her in the air 'over and over again'

The judge ruled that a teen of Utah is responsible for the death of a four-month-old child who died in his care last year.

According to the investigation, the defendant, allegedly a distant relative, had been babysitting Adyn when her parents came home to find her unanswered. The baby was rushed to the hospital and taken out of life support three days later.

At the time of the sentencing, prosecutors allegedly said that the teen had thrown the baby in the air because she was screaming and refusing a bottle, causing a brain fracture. The teen allegedly told the police that he had tossed the baby before—"all the time, over and over again"—and that he was a childbearer in the community service for a previous drug charge. The report does not indicate whether the Community Service argument is correct.

At the sentencing, the prosecutor allegedly said that the teen suffers from anger problems and has a moderate risk of committing violence in the future. According to the paper, the judge indicated that the State Juvenile Justice Services would decide the length of the sentence that the defendant readily accepted.

“I feel like secure is the best route for me,” he told the judge, according to Deseret.com. “I feel like I can get more help there.”

The girl's parents' representative read a statement at the videoconference hearing about having to justify the girl's absence to her older brother.

“She should be here with him and living her life,” the parents said in the statement.

The teen is now facing a separate charge of rape in the juvenile court. According to the report, the authorities have not revealed any specifics of the investigation.