Chicago man rages over his girlfriend's refusal to tie his hair; he kills her, his mother, and his sister.

Chicago man rages over his girlfriend's refusal to tie his hair; he kills her, his mother, and his sister.

A 25-year-old man from Chicago was ordered to be held without bail this week for the June murders of his girlfriend, mother, and sister — apparently because his girlfriend wasn't feeling well and wouldn't cook for him or tie his hair.

Shonta Harris, 24, and John Matthews had a four-month - old son together, even though they were staying in different houses about a mile apart, CBS Chicago reported. Harris and the boy stayed at Matthews' home on Father's Day, prosecutors said.

Matthews asked Harris to cook for him, and she declined, saying she wasn't feeling well. She said the same thing when he asked her to braid her hair, except this time Matthews was reportedly getting mad. When Matthews hit Harris in the face, his grandma intervened and took her outside, but Matthews followed.

While Harris tried to call her mother to come and pick her up, the prosecutors said, Matthews kept beating her and took her phone and smashed it. His grandma let Harris use her phone to make a call. Harassment persisted as they waited for Harris 's mother, Frances Neal, 56, to arrive. She came to the house along with Harris 's niece, 27-year-old Jasmine Neal, and instantly saw the bruise on Harris 's face.

Frances Neal asked why he had hit her daughter, and he said she "didn't do s * * * for him and hated her," asking everyone to get off his house, according to prosecutors. The baby, however, was still inside, and Matthews refused to let Harris get him. At that point, Jasmine Neal called 911 saying that Matthews assaulted Harris and refused to give her a child.

According to the prosecution, Matthews took a handgun out of his waistband and shot Frances Neal in the chest , back, arm, and leg, and Harris in the chest. One shot was fired at Jasmine Neal 's head when she tried to run away.

Matthew's grandma called 911 again as he escaped.

The mother and sister of Harris were pronounced dead at the scene, and Harris was taken to the Christ Medical Center for treatment. The shooting left her paralysed from her hip, and she died in a nursing home on September 5 of complications due to her injuries, prosecutors said. Harris and Matthews' grandma both identified him as a gunman. A warrant for his arrest was released on 25 June.

Authorities finally tracked him down in Iowa, where he was involved in a car accident at the beginning of August. He gave a false name, the prosecutors said, but later he identified himself and was taken into custody on the arrest warrant. He returned to Chicago on Thursday and appeared in court on Friday.