Man Accused Of Murdering 2 Boys Allegedly Planned To Kill Their ‘Entire Family’ While On Meth Bender

Man Accused Of Murdering 2 Boys Allegedly Planned To Kill Their ‘Entire Family’ While On Meth Bender


The mother of slain boys Tayten and Robert Baker let Mark Wilson Jr. and his girlfriend stay a shed on her property in order that they wouldn't be homeless.

A Florida man accused of killing his girlfriend’s nephews after the boys' mother allow them to crash in her shed allegedly planned to annihilate their entire family.

The bodies of Robert Baker, 12, and Tayten Baker, 14, were found inside their Melrose range in late August by their own mother after she awakened . They were brutally murdered as she slept, allegedly by Mark Wilson, Jr., 30. He was arrested shortly after and charged with first-degree murder for his or her killings, the Putnam County Sheriff's Office announced last month.

Wilson allegedly bashed their heads with a hammer and severed their throats. He and his girlfriend, the boys’ aunt, were staying during a shed on the property during the killings. The boys’ mother allowed the couple to remain there in order that they might avoid being homeless.

A warrant now reveals that Wilson allegedly told an unnamed witness that he and his girlfriend planned to kill the “entire family.” Wilson allegedly intended for the boys’ mother and a 4-year-old boy to die also , despite her acts of kindness toward him and her sister. Wilson said he was “angry” that his girlfriend didn't kill them as he claimed she promised to, consistent with the witness.

However, it doesn't appear that investigators buy that a part of the story. The aunt has not been charged with any crime. The boys’ grandmother Deborah Benson told News4Jax that she is innocent.

Wilson allegedly told investigators that the boys' family was trying to place stress on his family by making a report back to the Florida Department of youngsters and Families. It’s unclear what that report if one was made, was.

"The Baker family did a lot to help these two individuals, but Wilson was a threat to those around him and unfortunately Robert and Tayten were the ones who suffered whatever was going through Wilson's twisted agenda," Putnam County Sheriff Gator DeLoach stated in August.

DeLoach told folks that he believes Wilson was on a days-long methamphetamine bender at the time of the murders.

Wilson has been charged with two counts of murder. he's being held without bail. It’s not clear if he features a lawyer at this point.