Image is worth a thousand words, so these pictures will leave you speechless.

Image is worth a thousand words, so these pictures will leave you speechless.

“A mountain carrier” is an occupation where they transport goods between people live up in the Mountains and the outside world.

“What I’m smoking in my mouth is for myself, what I’m carrying on my shoulders is for my family, what I’m holding in my hand is for my future.

Another mountain carrier. Unlike other “normal” mountain carrier, he can’t unload the goods and take a break - he won’t be able to put it back on his shoulders by himself. Photographed in 2007, Hua Shan, China. He made 6 RMB for one trip

In the parallel world , I have hair.

"Hey baby I will be home soon, I ate already … yes yes, proper food.. yes yes I’m full. Don’t wait up. Eat with the kids I’ll see you soon". He hung up his phone, took a bite of his “dinner” then fell alseep

Moatassem-Billah Gaddafi and Hilary Clinton, 2009.

If you bow to me , we are friends. If you don’t ? Well…

A monk praying for a man who died unexpectedly at a busy train station in China while waiting for an ambulance. And indeed, people can freely practise religious rituals in China, since the act itself doesn't bother other people.

2008 Sichuan earthquake. A man taking his dead wife’s corpse home. 374643 died/injured , 17923 missing.

A Syrian father selling pens on the street.

Ala Azad Abdul Hamid, 2010 Asian Game in Guangzhou China, representing Iraq in Badminton. He had no coach, no teammates, nobody. He only had himself, representing a country he loves. He took a long haul flight only to be on the court for less than 30mins.

He did not win a Gold medal , but he won the hearts of millions and millions of Chinese.

A man carrying the dreams of millions from a broken country.

“I built all of them y‘know. Yet, I can’t afford any of them“

“it’s ok mama, I still have one good leg !”

Chinese couple Conghan, 101, and Sognshi, 103, have been together for almost nine decades, this is their first wedding photo in 88 years

My grandma. Aged 95. she started smoking at 89. we asked her why now? She said, I have lived long enough. Now I’m gonna start doing all the bad things that I’m not supposed to.

My grandpa‘s national ID. Issued in 1985. he died two year after this was taken. This is the only picture we have of him.

my grandma died two years ago, we found this in her belongings.

she kept it for more than 30 years

Friends who share everything