Boy, 18, Stabbed And Left For Dead After Losing Gang’s Rottweiler Dog

Boy, 18, Stabbed And Left For Dead After Losing Gang’s Rottweiler Dog

A teenager was robbed and repeatedly stabbed after he lost a gang's Rottweiler while he was taking care of it.

The 18-year-old was frogmarched to a park by three members of the gang where he was stabbed 11 times in an attack so savage that a knife wound to his throat passed completely through his neck and out the opposite side.

The victim was also stabbed in his back, buttocks, and stomach and left to die after the dog managed to flee from his house.

The boy was attacked during a secluded spot within the park in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, on October 22 last year.

Braydon Hall stabbed the victim 11 times

St Albans Crown Court heard if it wasn't for heroic members of the general public and paramedics he would have died.

Braydon Hall, the leader of the group who inflicted the shocking wounds, admitted wounding with intent and possessing a bladed article.

He was jailed for 11 years.

Judge Michael Kay told the 20-year-old: “I need to sentence you for one among the foremost senseless and very violent incidents that have to precede this court.

“One struggles to seek out a meaning for what occurred. there's no meaning aside from extreme aggression and violence.”

The judge said Hall and his associates, also because the victim, were all a part of an equivalent “social circle” that had been hanging round Hoddesdon town centre last October with the stray Rottweiler, which that they had “adopted.”

Jake Grainger has been locked up for six-and-a-half years.

Judge Kay said: “Quite what they were doing hanging round Hoddesdon may be a matter of speculation.”

.Jake Grainger, 18, who had been a part of the group that surrounded and jostled the frightened teenager within the park before the stabbing happened, also pleaded guilty to wounding with bent the idea of joint enterprise.

The court heard he had played a lesser role and was 17 at the time.

He was sentenced to six-and-a-half years at a young offenders' institution.

A third man is thanks to being sentenced in October.

Prosecutor Martin Mulgrew told the court the day before the stabbing, the victim, Hall, Grainger, and a fourth man had all been “hanging around” Hoddesdon town center with the dog, described as an outsized Rottweiler.

Hall asked the victim to seem after the animal at an address within the town that night, which he agreed to try to to.

However, by the morning, he discovered the dog had escaped and was missing.

Mr. Mulgrew said Hall was phoned by the victim that morning, who told him what had happened and the way he was out checking out the dog.

Judge Kay was told Hall became extremely angry at the loss of the dog and, by mid-morning he, the victim, Grainger, and another youth had all met up within the town centre another time.

Mr. Mulgrew said Hall had by then planned to punish the teenager, and every one four were captured on CCTV walking towards the park.

Hall was leading the way and seemed to be angry and was shouting at the boy.

The teenager had been asked to look after the gang's Rottweiler.

The prosecutor said a witness had heard Hall shouting “I cannot believe you lost my dog!”

The court then heard that have made their way into a secluded a part of the park, the teenager was surrounded by the opposite three before Hall demanded he empty his pockets of all his possessions and cash.

He did and it had been then that Hall, who was armed with a knife, set about the boy repeatedly stabbing him.

Mr. Mulgrew said the boy suffered 11 separate stab wounds which he said were “deep penetrating and life-threatening.”

He said the group then left the scene leaving the boy on the bottom “to bleed out.”

The court was told that, had it not been for the intervention of members of the general public and therefore the emergency service, the victim could have died.

Judge Kay was told the boy underwent 16 hours of life-saving surgery and was put into an induced coma for 2 weeks. He spent a complete of two-and-half-months in medical care.

Mr. Mulgrew said the injuries the boy suffered that day meant he was physically impaired and scarred and he has since suffered a mental breakdown.

CCTV cameras had captured the three leaving the park after the attack and police were ready to identify them and perform arrests.

All three gave no comment interviews to cops.