The Strangest Suicide Story in History

The Strangest Suicide Story in History

Once upon a time , a person named Ronald Opus decided to finish his life. So, he 's decided that the simplest way to commit suicide is to jump out of the building he's been living in. He did this, and he left a letter to his family, stating that he had lost all his hopes of a better life.

But on 23 March 1994, his post-mortem report stated that the reason for his death was not a suicide, but a gun shot to his head. When the investigation began, it appeared that the bullet that killed Ronald was actually shot from the 9th floor of the same building where he used to live. There was also an old couple who had been living there for a long time.

The Neighbors told that this couple used to quarrel all the time, and strangely, when Ronald jumped from his roof, at the same time - the old man was holding a gun which he used to threaten his wife to kill her. In extreme aggression, the husband unintentionally shot his wife.

But as his wife was far away from him, the bullet hit Ronald who jumped from his roof and that caused his death!

(Twist remains in the story)

When the case appeared in courtroom, the old man stated that they used to fight all the time; he would threaten his wife, but the gun remained unloaded all the time. After further investigation, a strange event was uncovered. Appears that, a relative of the old couple saw their son loading the old men’s gun. The reason was - their son asked his mother for money, but the mother refused to give him, so he planned to get rid of his old parents. He knew very well that they used to fight all the time and when the next time his father shoots from (unloaded) pistol, it would cause his mother’s death due to the now loaded gun and his father would be jailed.

But the bullet didn’t hit his mother, instead hit Ronald at the time when commits suicide. So the culprit of a murder case is now their son!!?

(Strange!! now have a look again on complete story)

Strangest thing of all in this story is that - Ronald is actually the son of the old couple. He puts a bullet in his father’s gun to get rid of his parents. But because of the bad financial conditions and the delayed fight with his parents, he decided to finish. While jumping from the rooftop, the same bullet hits his head. So, in this way, Ronald is both a murderer and a victim.

This is one of the famous fictional stories that many people believe is true. This first appeared on the Internet in 1994 and has spread to the world for the last 26 years.