The Worst Thing That Can Happen To A Person- The Shocking Story of Genie Wiley

The Worst Thing That Can Happen To A Person- The Shocking Story of Genie Wiley

For 13 years, Feral Child Genie was strapped to a toilet at all times, never allowed to see the outside world or utter a single world.

How did this terrible thing happen to her? It all started with her father.

Her father, Clark Wiley, grew up in foster homes and was supposedly a machinist for some time near World War II. After a while he decided to marry.

Unfortunately, he had the gall to marry - but lacked the will and heart to raise children.

The scumbag’s neglect and madness resulted in the death of his first two children. The first baby girl died after being abandoned in a garage. The second baby died not long after birth. The third baby boy survived, but was constantly abused during childhood.

The fourth, known by the pseudo-name Genie, suffered possibly the worst fate of them all. She was strapped to a toilet, isolated from humanity and left to quietly suffer for 13 years. Each time she tried to utter a noise, her father beat her. Operant conditioning, in the end, stripped her of the desire to even make basic noises, let alone speak language.

Just let that sink in for a second.

Imagine what it would be like to suffer such an unsightly fate at the hands of a monster like Clark. To never know the warmth of family. To never enjoy the company of friends, play with toys, eat delicious food, or discover your interests. To never even learn language, one of the bare-bone fundamentals of our conscious thought.

After 13 years of suffering, Genie was found by the public. Afterwards her father committed suicide to avoid the consequences. On his death note he complained: “The world will never understand.” Truly despicable, the pile of trash makes my blood boil.

When the public discovered her, Genie had almost two sets of teeth due to lack of any dental care, her limbs functioned abnormally, and she essentially looked like a 6-year-old due to undernourishment.

From there she spent some time with researchers and linguists, who saw her as an opportunity to understand language development. Their research confirmed that a critical-point existed in language development. A child, once past a certain age, cannot master grammar or syntax.


Under the researchers, Genie learned to use non-verbal communication. Though she was never able to learn verbal-communication, she significantly improved her psychology, and her mind was given an opportunity to grow.

Yet she was once again pulled into hell when the authorities pulled her away from everybody she knew - including the researchers - and placed her in institutions. From there, the skills she acquired under the scientists deteriorated, and she again underwent abuse and stress.

We personally believe that what happened to Genie is one of the worst things to ever happen to a human.

Growing up strapped to a toilet, isolated from humanity - this is truly one of the most cruel fates for any human.