Picture is worth a thousand words, so these 17 pictures may leave you speechless

Picture is worth a thousand words, so these 17 pictures may leave you speechless

These are some of the images that left us speechless. We hope they're doing the same thing for you!

World War II veteran of Belarus Konstantin Pronin, 86, sits on the bench while waiting for his comrades in Gorky Park during the Victory Day in Moscow , Russia, on Monday, 9 May 2011. Konstantin comes to this place every year. This year, he was the only person in the unit to show.

Sunset on Mars, taken in 2005 by the Spirit rover.

Neil Armstrong after his Moonwalk.

Ignorance is bliss – Homeless man is sleeping outside a dining table in Milwaukee.

This photo was taken by astronaut Michael Collins, who, as he took this picture, was the only human, live or dead individual who was not in the frame. He flew alongside Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, circling the moon while they landed to observe the atmosphere of the moon from a distance.

A Lithuanian man in shock after accidentally hitting and killing an eight-year - old kid.

100s of galaxies seen through the Hubble Deep Field (HDF), as they were 10 billion years ago.

Nazi rally at Nuremberg in 1937.

A monk is praying for a dead man in the station hall of Shanxi Taiyuan Train Station, China. The man suddenly died of natural causes while waiting for a train.

After performing a successful heart transplant surgery that lasted 23 hours, the surgeon rests. His assistant is sleeping in the right corner.

The inside of the Auschwitz gas chamber shows scratches from the victims of the Holocaust fighting.

A man in Rio de Janeiro is giving his shoes to a homeless girl.

The strangers are giving Christmas gifts to the homeless. The result = pure joy for those who need it most.

A 12-year-old boy, tears streaming down his face, and a white police officer hugging in the middle of a Ferguson-related demonstration in Portland, Oregon. Apparently, the boy had a "free hug" sign when the officer approached, made a small talk and then asked for a hug.

A little boy started feeding stray animals around his neighborhood. When his father saw him, he built this little clubhouse and gave him pet food.

Two-year - old Holden, Heaton and Wilder Reich triplets give donuts and fist bumps to their friends Mr. Rob and Mr. Chad, the garbage collectors they 're waiting for every Tuesday and Friday.

In 2013, 77-year-old Larry Swilling took to the streets with a heart-wrenching sandwich board. Swilling 's wife, Jimmy Sue, was born with a single kidney, which later proved to be insufficient after the trauma of childbirth. "I 'm trying," Larry told CBS about his efforts. "I had to do something." Shortly after his quest went viral, Jimmy Sue's kidney donor came forward.

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