Photo is worth a thousand words, so  these 17 photos will leave you speechless.

Photo is worth a thousand words, so these 17 photos will leave you speechless.

Here are some of the photos that have left us speechless. We hope they do the same thing for you!

This picture was taken during the prohibition period of 1927.

It shows a huge tower of confiscated liquor barrels, which were presumably burned down shortly after this photo was taken.

A guard is on the floor of what appears to be an official ceremony. Sorry man, but that's all in the past at least! Luckily for us, though, we've got proof of this little piece of history and what's actually going down.

What we see here is a British soldier at the Color Parade in 1970, who actually passed away as Queen Elizabeth and her guards passed by.

This is a rare picture that captures the tallest person in all of history! His name is Robert Wadlow, but he was nicknamed "The Alton Giant" and "The Giant of Illinois" since he was born in Alton, Illinois. In the photo, he 's talking to someone who looks incredibly short sitting next to such an amazon figure, but he's really just the average Joe! Wadlow has lived from 1918 to 1940, and still has a reputation of tallest man on record.

In this eye-catching image, the Swedish airline stewardess Birgitta Lindman, who worked for SAS Airline, takes a closer look at the length of the showgirl 's outfit after rumors circulated that the airlines were considering skirts with shorter hemlines for Swedish air hostesses in 1959.

How would you respond if the KKK left a burning cross outside your family home?

Seen here, Marthin Luther King, Jr. is seen removing the scorched remains left outside his house in April 1960, with surprising nonchalance.

This picture was a famous one back in the 1950s. It seems like a man is going on a disconnected roller coaster or something, but here's what's really going on: a prisoner is being used to check safety nets before he moves on to mass production!

The scene takes place in 1958, when the death penalty was almost everywhere in the United States, and it seems like a nice thing to do for a criminal waiting to hit the chair.

Here's a huge pile of bison skulls that's about to be ground into fertilizer. It's from the 1870s, so it's extremely creepy. Imagine how many bisons had to be killed in order to build such a huge mound.

Imagine taking your hippo out for a ride like a regular vehicle. We 're curious to know how this guy got the hippo to cooperate, particularly because hippos are extremely dangerous and kill more people than sharks a year.

Whatever persuasion, hippos appeared to be more economical and less harmful to the environment than real cars: about 80 pounds of fruit and grass fed to your private hippo will take you 6 miles to the gallon at about 14 mph.

Imagine being in one of them in the early twentieth century.

There are a lot of deserted sites like this all over the US. Great place for the next horror movie, don't you think so? This picture shows the abandoned hospital bed taken at the abandoned Pennhurst Asylum in Pennsylvania.

Nature can be a lot more scary than a disaster movie sometimes.

This picture shows the pyroclastic flow, made of hot gas and rock, which was released into the air when Mt. Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines in 1991.

This is one of the rarest and most historic pictures. At the same time, it was taken at the right spot! A pilot lost control of the aircraft and looks like he's about to crash right in front of an innocent farmer boy.

While the pilot sustained only minor injuries, he was safe. This picture looks scary, but because of the pilot's deep knowledge of landing, he was able to make it with only a few wounds.

This bab carriage was all the rage during the Second World War in London, but for reasons far beyond fashion trends or fashion statements. This gas-proof cart was designed after the British were afraid that Nazi Germany would kill the populace with a toxic gas attack.

Coupled with the mother's gas mask, both of them will be safe from sinister chemical attacks, and on the trend!

Taken in 1946 after the end of the Second World War, this picture shows a German soldier finally returning home after years of combat and confinement. Unfortunately, he was too late at home. His wife and children had already died in the war.

After hearing the report, the soldier collapsed into pain. The world war 2 changed a lot, and that was just one of the many lives that had been affected by the war.

A Jew and a German sitting across each other, one in the concentration camp.

Austrian Boy Receives New Shoes During WWII

A German Child meets her father, a World War II Soldier, for the first time since she was 1 year old, 1956.

A Mother Shows A Picture Of Her Son To A Returning Prisoner Of War, 1947.

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