8 Things People Don't Know They Do Because Of Toxic Perfectionism

8 Things People Don't Know They Do Because Of Toxic Perfectionism

Toxic perfectionism means you’ve got a touching voice in your head that says nothing but perfect is suitable. You judge yourself harshly once you come short of your standards. You’ve lost the power to possess empathy for yourself or accompany the flow, you’re focused solely on whatever scoreboard you’ve inbuilt your brain. If you think that you’ve crossed the road from healthy ambition to toxic perfectionism, here’s how it'd be exposure for you:

1. Punishing yourself for being average.

When you see statistics about things average people do, you automatically identify with the very top performers or perhaps extrapolate that you simply could or should be doing even better than the simplest data set. You’ll also actively avoid doing something new because subconsciously you are feeling resistance to a situation during which it’s totally possible you would possibly not do something perfectly the very first time you are doing it. you are feeling guilty doing anything just ok.

2. Having a fitness or food obsession.

Both exercise and watching what you dine in order to take care of some quite balance are completely healthy things to try to to. Both also lend themselves to simply being hijacked by toxic perfectionism. Toxic perfectionism tells you that slow progress isn’t enough. If you push yourself to try to quite what’s recommended, healthy, or realistic — or if brooding about numbers or understanding or food takes up most of your brain space, it’s time to tap the breaks and find out some healthy boundaries in these areas. If you are feeling immense amounts of guilt if you skip a workout or eat a meal you deem “not healthy enough,” this isn’t healthy — it’s toxic perfectionism.

3. Being hooked into buying new planners or organization decor.

You get high off of scheduling and organizing and setting goals. It’s your favorite part of any project. You’re envisioning what you’re getting to accomplish and day-dreaming about how highly you’re getting to function a day now that you’ve planned it all out. this is often a fantasy of toxic perfectionism. No human has this type of robotic control over their life. You’re getting to show up late (there’s traffic, you lost your keys, the facility went out) and you’re getting to need each day off. Some days are going to be more productive than others because human creativity and productiveness ebbs and flows and exists on a variety. We can’t program ourselves to try to something so unnatural as scheduling out every moment of our lives or not needing downtime, but toxic perfectionism is that the voice insisting we'd like to.

4. Being a straight-up high school bully to yourself.

You constantly affect a voice in your head that tells you you aren’t okay. once you tell yourself that you simply tried your hardest, toxic perfectionism is that the echo that says “that’s no excuse.” Our inner narratives are often downright cruel, then constant that we rarely take the time to even notice how mean and judgemental we will be. If you’ve got a touch nagging voice in your head that lets the air out of your accomplishments and pours salt within the wound when you’ve struggled you're handling toxic perfectionism.

5. Setting insane goals.

If you’ve ever told yourself that albeit it’s scientifically unlikely, you're getting to be the exception to the rule and lose 10 lbs during a week before an enormous event, you’ve addressed toxic perfectionism. you think that the rules that are set for normal people simply don't apply to you because you should be better than everyone else. Toxic perfectionism tells you that you simply should be willing to figure harder, to suffer more for your success, the typical isn’t okay.

6. Spending an excessive amount of money on incorrect things.

If you've got an enormous event arising, you would like a replacement expensive outfit so as to feel your best. You never say no to a vacation or learning a round of drinks together with your friends. Either you've got a big budget or toxic perfectionism is coming for your checking account. People often use the cash to appease the voice of toxic perfectionism by surrounding themselves with material things that reflect the life they think they're alleged to be living. If you’re ready to accept your current life with all its flaws and imperfections, you won’t feel that insatiable urge to travel over budget on some item or event that you simply think will finally cause you to desire you’ve made it.

7. Inability to tolerate being disliked or misunderstood.

Toxic perfectionism makes us hyper-aware of how we are perceived by others. for somebody who suffers from toxic perfectionism, being misunderstood is intolerable. a number of our worst actions (and biggest regrets) occur once we feel overwhelmed with emotion because we’ve been misunderstood.

8. Bragging about not getting enough sleep.

To prioritize rest is anathema to someone who struggles with toxic perfectionism. Toxic perfectionism tells you you're what you achieve or what you've got or what you appear as if on social media. Any moment you're not working towards a goal may be a moment that creates you are feeling guilty. Sleep, and other needs every human has, are viewed as a weakness that you simply somehow don’t deserve.

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