16 Mistakes to Stop Making Now to Prevent Lifelong Regrets

16 Mistakes to Stop Making Now to Prevent Lifelong Regrets

When people look back at their lives, what are some of the most common regrets they have? This is a serious question that we need to stop and ask more often. Some people look back and say that the biggest mistake they made was not to have children. Others look back and say their only regret was the lack of time. Whatever the case may be, it's important to look at how you live your life and think about how you can avoid future regrets. Many of the mistakes we make that lead to regret later in life are avoidable.

In this article, we 're going to outline some of the mistakes and how we can possibly avoid them. Let's hit the ground running out

  1. Blaming someone for your own life. No matter how you were under pressure or how much you were compelled to, it was always your decision in the end. You don't get anything by pointing fingers.
  2. Waiting for a sign. There will be no clear signs. Or, rather, everything can be a sign if you just look at it the right way.
  3. Relying on Motivation. Think about how often you feel motivated. How much can you get done with just those days? Is that really something you want to bet your future on?
  4. Staying committed no matter what. Keep an open mind, because things change. Stick with it however long you can but do not be afraid to let go when the time comes.
  5. Getting stuck on failures. So you messed up. It happens. Accept that and get right back to where you left of.
  6. Defining yourself too narrowly. You are more than meets the eye; always. Failures, mistakes and the problems of your life do not define you. They are merely a tiny part of everything you are.
  7. Staying with the wrong people. If they make you feel worse after having spent time with them than before; DROP THEM FROM YOUR LIFE!
  8. Doing the wrong things. The same as above goes true for hobbies and activities. If you gain nothing from the activity, stop doing it.
  9. Not learning more. Progress is not an innate feature to life. To keep growing you must invest time and effort into it. Else you will fall behind.
  10. Being too scared. It’s the things you did not dare to do that you often regret, not the things you did or the mistakes resulting from those things. Take up some courage and just go for it. Maybe that’s the choice that will change everything!
  11. Expecting things to stay the same without any effort. Relationships, love, work, success and happiness all require consistent effort. If you do not put in the time do not be surprised if they do not stay.
  12. Expecting something for nothing. The bigger the ask the bigger the price. And you always have to pay in advance. Remember that before you expect something to happen for you.
  13. Not looking at yourself first. What did you not do? What could you have done better? Are you really giving it your all? Is this really it? Look at that first before you go around pointing fingers at your situation or at the people around you.
  14. Dreaming too small. Small dreams do not inspire and you will not work that hard for them. It’s the same initial effort to make $1,000 as it is to make $1,000,000. But you will work a lot longer and harder for that $1,000,000. Dream big. Dream honestly.
  15. Lying to yourself. You want what you want and you did what you did. Lying to yourself about it does not make anything better.
  16. Avoiding Responsibility for your own life. At the end of your life you will look back and contemplate whether it was a good life. It won’t matter how many things you did that other people wanted you to do, nor how many people you impressed if you, yourself, are not happy with the result. Live a little more for you and take responsibility. You may only have this one life. Make it count!