15 most unbelievable yet "true" pictures

15 most unbelievable yet "true" pictures

Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell the difference between fiction and reality – especially when creative minds use their skills to smudge the line between the two.

Here are few pictures which seem to be photoshopped, but are real !!

1. The man is named Billy Owen, and he overcame a sinus cancer that wound up costing him his right eye. Now he's in the business of creeping people out at places like Eli Roth's Goretorium.

2. The photo of a gymnast caught in mid air.

3. A buried ship uncovered by Hurricane Isaac.

4. Creation of Madrid-based artist Alicia Martin. He transforms thousands of books into towers that pour out of windows and into the streets

5. It’s Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flatland, in Bolivia. Every year it becomes covered in a small amount of water, turning it into the world’s largest mirror. 

6. A bear into this family dinner; in fact, the bear is a part of this family. Brutus was adopted by the naturalist Casey Anderson as a newborn cub. Anderson even had Brutus be the best man at his wedding to the actress Missi Pyle!

7. This is a zebra and pony hybrid; known as a zony.

8. This frightening looking watery vortex is indeed real! It is a man-made funnel that drains excess water during floods.

9. Philippe Ramette believes nothing in art should ever be faked, and for this shot he commissioned a small barge resembling a sideways balcony, fastened his feet to the wall, and held onto the wooden rail as the photos were taken.

10. Known as the Magic Tap, this peculiar fountain has baffled visitors to Aqualand in Spain for years. How is it held up, and where is the water coming from? Both quandaries are explained by the transparent tube that is hidden by the deluge itself.

11. Optical illusion created on display outside Paris City Hall. Looks like a giant grass sphere, but it’s actually flat.

12. A Frying pan beach sculpture in Sydney, Australia

13. It’s not photoshoped. An actual black and white Santa costume.

14. Nothing Photoshopped here. Optical illusion art by Felice Varini.


15. There once lived a man named Frank Cannonball Richards. This man had a very unique talent, in that his stomach was pretty much indestructible.

We have no idea how he discovered his talent, but we always like to imagine that it was when he accidentally ran face first into a lamppost, or something relatable like that. Because let's face it. We've all been there. Anyway, once he discovered his ability, he made the most of it.

Firstly, he charged people to pummel him in the gut. He even let Jack Dempsey, an at the time heavyweight boxer, perform his knockout blow on him. 3 times in a row. With no effect!

Secondly, he upped his game! He began letting people whack him with giant sledgehammers! To begin with, he let them hit him one at a time, but eventually he turned to just lying on the ground and getting smashed! Quite literally.

Finally, he decided to test his luck. He stood directly in front of a MASSIVE CANNON, instructed his potential executioner to load the ball, and had it fired into him. Here's an unbelievable, yet true, photo:

And the effect?

He was knocked over. To immediately get back up again.

This became his full time job, and twice a day, he was smashed into by a massive cannonball. Health and safety would never allow that nowadays! He performed the trick twice a day, as any more, and it would get too painful.

He died age 81, surprisingly not from cannon fire, but was immortalised on the cover of a Van Halen album:

Source: Frank "Cannonball" Richards - Wikipedia