20 Crazy Pictures That Rebelled Against Fashion

20 Crazy Pictures That Rebelled Against Fashion

When the world creates trends and you try to follow all of them at once, it may turn into a disappointment. To avoid these awkward situations, we invite you to look at some funny pictures: cowboy roller-skates, safe-bags, and many other ridiculous items.

We found some unique fashion items that will make you think twice before you decide to follow trends in today’s world.

A D&G T-shirt for true Lab lovers

When one sock always goes missing:

When you try to be in 2 places at once.

A designer’s first work ever...

$500 extended pants

When you’re a proper lady:

When you try to wear all the trends at once:

A hula hoop bag for those who always try to lose weight.

A stunning look to emphasize your best sides...

When you have to play ball and work the ranch on the same day:

Slot machine suit

This is the weirdest reversible jacket we’ve ever seen.

When you don’t have enough money to buy new shorts:

Posh Adidas

They say plaid is popular again.

“Took everything I had not to pet that creature.”

When you try to attract everyone’s attention and use different methods.

“So I ordered this hoping to look like him...”

Could it be possible that she doesn’t realize what this might look like?

Cowboy roller-skates

 Would you like to try any of these designs?