15 Photos Full of “Wow” That the World Has Been Hiding From Us

15 Photos Full of “Wow” That the World Has Been Hiding From Us

You don’t actually need to find treasure to feel lucky. Sometimes it’s enough to discover some of the “secrets” that this world has camouflaged, waiting for a sharpened view to reveal itself. Medieval ruins under a school’s gym hall or an X-ray of a pregnant dog are just a taste of the world’s many hidden wonders.

It may be hard to believe that rectangular icebergs actually exist, we’re determined to show you that this and other unexpected things can happen.

1. A perfectly shaped dinosaur footprint

2. These fluffy balls are actually okenite minerals.

3. When you decide to renovate at home...

4. A German, sixteenth-century ring that unfolds into an astronomical sphere

5. Dental crowns don’t reflect under a UV light like the rest of your teeth.

6. Could it be a rectangular iceberg?

7. These medieval ruins that were randomly found underneath a school’s gym hall

8. A couple discovered an old bathtub underneath their living room.

9. The art found in this Argentina cave dates from 13,000 to 9,000 years ago.

10. This ultraviolet photograph shows flowers as a honeybee sees them.

11. “Discovered a mosaic that served as a living room floor of a villa some 1,700 years ago.”

12. An X-ray of a pregnant dog

13. An artist found the heads of a lion, an ape, and a buffalo after turning the Mona Lisa on its side.

14. Inside the huge Pulpí Geode in Spain

15. This pine wood has an arrow pointing to what was the center of the tree.

Have you discovered anything that left you with your mouth hanging open?