15 People Who Found Their Childhood Pics and Had a Good Laugh

15 People Who Found Their Childhood Pics and Had a Good Laugh

Imagine taking a picture with someone random and thinking it was Michael Jackson or dressing up as a Dalmatian with your siblings just to win a pet competition or even kidnapping your own Barbie. It’s always good to have a look at old pictures and have a good laugh at our naive moments.

We selected 15 childhood pictures that people found so hilarious they had to share with everyone.

“Don’t mind me, just casually kidnapping my own Barbie. Probably around ’96 or ’97.”

“My mom was going through old photos recently and sent me this GEM of 12-year-old me.”

“This was me when I was 3 or something and I got into my mom’s lipstick.”

“My siblings and I were forced into a ‘pet lookalike’ competition. It still haunts us.”

“In this photo: I was going to someone’s birthday party (not themed). I had a bad allergies and my mom tried to cover it up with makeup. I was about 12.”

“Began crying since I thought I was getting my mugshot taken for stealing a piece of taffy. Turns out it was for an ornament to give my parents.”

“These younger sisters posed as their older sister’s best friend and boyfriend.”

“Sometimes you have to accept that there are things that will make you look uncool forever. I found mine.”

“My friend went through an emo phase. Meant to say ‘don’t label me’ but she didn’t know how to spell it.”

“Have you surfed a clam shell? No? Then don’t talk to me.”

“I always told people I met Michael Jackson. Now I found the pic. Man, who was this?!”

“Life is hard when you’re 7 years old, and instead you look like a toothless 42-year-old in business attire.”

“When I was 7, I wanted to be a box for Halloween and my grandparents let me.”

“Don’t even know what to say... but one day we will recreate this.”

“12-year-old me really thought this was a look.”

Do you also have hilarious childhood pictures that you would like to share with us?