13 Pictures That Can Help You Decide If You Hate Australia or Absolutely Love It

13 Pictures That Can Help You Decide If You Hate Australia or Absolutely Love It

According to statistics, 83% of Australians say they have more positive than negative experiences in an average day. Either way, we’ll let you decide if you’d like living here or not. We found 15 different facts about Australia that prove it’s a place you either really hate or absolutely love.

1. The fauna of the island strives to harm you all the time.

There are 140 species of land snakes in Australia and 32 species of sea snakes. Add that to a huge population of insects, flying foxes, deadly jellyfish, crocodiles, sharks, and spiders ...why not live in Australia? It becomes clear without too many superfluous words.

2. Although many indigenous Australians are descendants of prisoners, it did not affect genetics in any way. According to statistics, the Australian population is the most law-abiding in the world.

3. In Australia, electricity prices are considered to be the highest in the world.

4. Millions of wild camels represent a huge problem for the Australian ecosystem.

That's why today, the continent is implementing a program to reduce their camel population.

5. The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest coral reef that has its own mailbox, from which visitors can send postcards. It is located on the reef of Agincourt.

6. Australians spend more on gambling than other nationalities.

7. The main territory of Australia is not widely populated because of its size and the severe desert climate that prevails over most of the continent.

Australia is on the list of the world's most sparsely populated countries. The population density of the country is 3.14 people per square kilometer.

8. Famous Australian Uggs were first referred to as “ugly boots” but the name was eventually shortened to the familiar name, Uggs.

Australians were not alone! While many people all over wore these shoes for comfort, aviators in both World Wars wore them because they kept their feet warm.

9. Australians have their own cuisine.

The Aboriginal people of Australia have hunted and gathered their food in the Australian bush for thousands of years. This food is known as "bush tucker" and is still eaten by Aboriginal people in remote areas. It includes kangaroo, emu, crocodile, witchetty grub, bush tomato, yams and macadamia nuts. More contemporary cuisine incorporates many of these native foods and sometimes you can find them on the menus of restaurants in Australia.

10. It is a country where people consider themselves to be happy and live in peace with nature. Animals here also have rights.

Australia holds a leading position in the world's ratings of quality and life expectancy.


11. Australians have to deal with everyday torment thanks to the many kinds of animals that were brought to Australia by humans.

Today there are huge toads from South America spreading from the Northeast wider and wider, devouring all the local small animals. None of the country's predators eat these toads because they are poisonous.

12. Only in Australia is there a medical service called the "Royal Flying Doctor Service".

They provide emergency care for patients living in remote areas of the city. This service is a symbol of the country. After all, the country boasts an advanced practice of medicine and a high quality of life in general.

13. The biggest and oldest wombat lives in Australia.

His name is Patrick. He is over 30 years old and his weight is just under 88 lb.

If you love or hate Australia. What is the most unusual thing about this country?