British royal Kate calls on parents and midwives to discuss mental health problems

British royal Kate calls on parents and midwives to discuss mental health problems

British Royal Kate, the Cambridge Duchess, has video-called a variety of new parents, midwives and other maternity care practitioners to spread her mental health awareness message during the coronavirus epidemic.

In a video shared on Twitter by Kensington Palace, Kate's home and office, and her husband Prince William, the mother-of-three could be seen speaking with a woman born the night before, a midwife, and numerous others through video-link.

“As organisations you’re playing such a vital role, giving key information, you’re hugely trusted by the public in general, and therefore the information that you provide is a lifeline to many people at this time,” Kate spoke on a community call to clinicians from non-profit mental health organizations.

The video was released to mark Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week in Britain.

In a different snapshot, Kate could be seen talking on her hospital bed with a new mother, congratulating her on her son's birth and recognizing the strangeness of having an honest conversation through video-link because of social distancing steps.

“This is definitely a first,” she said, Laughing with the new mother.

A midwife also showed on the video-montage from a hospital ward, asking if Kate could say she smiled under her protective face mask. "With your eyes, yes I can" answered the duchess.

Kate and William have long been campaigning for awareness raising of mental health issues. The couple launched a new service last week called OurFrontline which gives mental health support to main workers involved in responding to the coronavirus disaster round the clock.

William's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, 94, has sent the country a variety of stirring messages since she locked in March, including a televised speech that was just the fifth of her 68-year reign.

More than 28,000 people around the UK have died as a result of COVID-19.

Image: The video featuring the Duchess of Cambridge (right) was issued to mark Britain's Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week.PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM THE ROYAL FAMILY/YOUTUBE