UK: Prime Minister Boris Johnson Released From Hospital

UK: Prime Minister Boris Johnson Released From Hospital

United Kingdom: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been released from a hospital in London where he was treated for the latest coronavirus in intensive care.

Boris Johnson's staff said on Sunday he left St. Thomas 'Hospital and will start his treatment at Chequers, the country house for the prime minister. PM Johnson was a week in hospital and spent three nights at the ICU. 

He said earlier he owes his life to National Health Service workers who cared him for COVID-19.

Johnson made his first public appearance since he was transferred to St. Thomas 'Hospital in London out of intensive care, he said "can't thank them enough. I owe them my life."

More than two weeks ago, the 55-year-old PM BorisJohnson had been diagnosed with COVID-19, becoming the first world leader confirmed to have the disease. 

At first it was reported that his coronavirus symptoms were mild, including a cough and a fever. Last Sunday, after his condition deteriorated, he was admitted to St. Thomas 'Hospital and moved to the intensive care unit the next day, where he provided oxygen but was not placed on a ventilator. 

He won't return to work right away.

Photo: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson