Navarro, White House advisor, lashes over 'fake' test kits at China

Navarro, White House advisor, lashes over 'fake' test kits at China

On Monday, White House trade advisor Peter Navarro accused China of shipping low-quality and even fake coronavirus antibody testing kits to the U.s and of "profiting" from the epidemic.

Navarro, a vocal critic of Beijing who has been named by President Donald Trump to work on supply-line health crisis-related issues, said further research for both the virus and antibodies are crucial to bringing Americans in lockdown right now back to work.

“That’s where, perhaps, we can find people who are immune, that can be in the workplace in a more safe environment. But we can’t have China, for example, bringing in those fake tests and counterfeit tests, because that’s going to be very disruptive,” Navarro told Fox and Friends.

“There’s a lot of these antibody tests coming in from China now that are low quality, false readings and things like that.”

The U.s relies entirely on China for critical supplies and medicines and during the epidemic, allegations were exchanged by the two political and trade rival.

Navarro accused China of spreading the virus to the rest of the globe after the coronavirus is thought to have evolved in the city of Wuhan “they hid it for six weeks.”

“They could have contained it in Wuhan,” he said. “They didn’t. They seeded the world with this, with hundreds of thousands of Chinese getting on aircraft to Milan, to New York and other places.”

China has dismissed claims from the United States, even from the United States. State Secretary Mike Pompeo said it was covering up the epidemic and Hua Chunying, spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry, said on Twitter Pompeo on Monday “stop playing the political game. Better save energy on saving lives.”

The U.s is the most affected country in the world, with more than 970,000 cases and 55,000 deaths from COVID-19, the illness caused by the virus.

On Saturday, Chinese Ministry of Commerce said it dropped a requirement that a number of main virus treatment products receive domestically regulatory approval prior to delivery, as long as they are authorized in importing countries.

Since the end of March, it had been clearly stating extra approvals at home after many European countries claimed that the Chinese-made test kits were defective.

Navarro alleged Monday that it withheld coverage during the time, China “vacuumed up the world for personal protective equipment” needed by healthcare workers. “And today China’s profiteering basically from this situation,” he added.

Navarro charged a week ago that China that delay data on early coronavirus diseases, as it wants to win the business race to develop a vaccine. COVID-19 currently does not have licensed therapies or vaccines.

Image: White House trade adviser Peter Navarro. | Alex Brandon/AP Photo