During a car accident, US woman gives birth and can't find the baby

During a car accident, US woman gives birth and can't find the baby

A frenzied journey to the emergency room became even more chaotic for a family in Georgia when a mother gave birth during a car accident-and when the vehicle came to rest they could not find the child.

Early Monday morning in Lilburn, Georgia, police say a woman was behind the wheel of her SUV rushing her pregnant adult daughter and a one-year-old to the hospital because the daughter was in labour.

It was dark, and wet roads. As the driver tried to make a turn, her vehicle hydroplaned across the road, then crashed into a brick wall, police said, hitting a curb and power pole.

During the effect, police body camera video from the scene shows SUV windows were busting out.

The scene was attended by police officers from Lilburn Cepeda Huff and Daniel Bride and Sgt Matt Madden.

"I gave birth in the car," one of the women in the bodycam footage is heard telling police. The women told police that the baby was not found.

The officers started looking for the newborn, searching the area around the SUV using flashlights.

Officer Huff began checking the SUV's backseat, where the pregnant woman was sitting. It was there that he found the baby under a seat still attached to the umbilical cord.

Bodycam video shows Huff lifting the baby gently from under the seat and rushing it out to emergency medical services.

The entire family was taken to a nearby hospital. Placed in a neonatal ICU, the newborn remains in a stable condition.