Dubai Extends 24-Hour Coronavirus Curfew By A Week

Dubai Extends 24-Hour Coronavirus Curfew By A Week

Dubai, the business hub of the United Arab Emirates, has extended a 24-hour-a-day curfew imposed as part of a sterilisation campaign to monitor coronavirus spread by a week, the government said on Friday in a Twitter post. 

The United Arab Emirates has instituted a national nighttime curfew for the disinfection program since March 26, but on April 4 Dubai extended it to a 24-hour lockout for two weeks within the emirate. 

The country reported 460 new cases on Thursday, and two more deaths from the virus, taking its tally to 5,825 with 35 deaths. For each of the seven emirates it doesn't give a breakdown.

The humanitarian group Emirates Red Crescent will "foster and care for" the families of those who died in the UAE as a result of the COVID-19 lung disease caused by the virus, the federal government said on Friday in a Twitter post. 

Following its far larger neighbor, Saudi Arabia, the UAE has the second-highest infection count among the six Gulf Arab states where the cumulative number of infections has reached 22,000, with more than 140 deaths. 

Thermal cameras have been installed in Saudi Arabia to monitor the body temperature of the small number of worshippers allowed to access the Prophet's mosque in Medina, media reported.

Gulf nations have taken drastic steps to curb but witnessed a spread among low-income migrant workers living in cramped quarters. Several countries provided free training to migrant employees, who form the bulk of the labor force, and took steps to rehouse thousands in schools. 

Qatar, which has locked dno part of an industrial zone where many migrant workers live and work, reported 560 new cases on Friday, mainly among expatriate workers quarantined because of COVID-19 exposure.

Photo: Dubai, United Arab Emirates.