Coronavirus In Canada Is Trending In The Right Direction: Trudeau

Coronavirus In Canada Is Trending In The Right Direction: Trudeau

The number of people in Canada with the new coronavirus is trending in the right direction, but strict physical isolation will need to stay in place for the time being, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.

PM Trudeau's comments have been among his most upbeat since the crisis began in March. The overall number of people killed by coronavirus in Canada rose just under 12 percent to 1,506 a day, official data from the public health agency on Sunday shows. The number has risen to 33,922 among those infected with the coronavirus.

Saturday's corresponding estimates were 1,346 deaths, and 32,412 positive diagnoses. Like other countries did during the pandemic, Canadian authorities ordered the closing of non-essential enterprises, putting millions of people out of jobs, and encouraged people to stay home. In response to this, Ottawa has launched programs worth more than C$200 billion to help ease the economic pain.

“All these measures we’ve brought in are about helping you do the things that will get us through this. And it’s working - we’re seeing the numbers trend in the right direction so we need to keep doing what we’re doing,” Trudeau said.

Most political parties have strongly supported the path taken by the Liberal government, but tensions are growing over the parliament's temporary suspension negotiated last month. The official opposition Conservatives, who want more emergency management control, are seeking daily meetings. 

All 338 parliamentarians are due Monday back in Ottawa and the Conservatives reject a Liberal proposal to make a smaller number of lawmakers meet only once a week. This plan allows both parties to consent unanimously. 

Trudeau said, “Right now the Conservatives are not taking a responsible approach.” 

Saying that it made no sense, at a time of social alienation, to put together every Member of Parliament and their staff and security personnel.

Photo: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.