UK Phone towers set on fire in the middle of the 'bizarre' COVID-19 conspiracy theory

UK Phone towers set on fire in the middle of the 'bizarre' COVID-19 conspiracy theory

UK authorities are investigating a series of fires involving cell phone towers in the midst of fears that the sites might have been targeted due to conspiracy theories that relate COVID-19 to the 5 G network.

Recently, three fires were identified at cell phone towers in Birmingham, Liverpool and Melling in Merseyside, reports the BBC.

According to The Guardian, emergency services were called Friday to say a 5 G mast was on fire in Liverpool.

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson told The Guardian that he had received threats related to the conspiracy theories that linked COVID-19 to 5 G technology, which were circulating via social media.

"The suggestion that COVID-19 is somehow linked to 5G is patently beyond the realms of credibility – utterly bizarre," he said.

"In Liverpool these masts are being upgraded and ironically the very people that are using this technology are the ones who are believing these theories. I was mildly threatened yesterday by someone telling me to take them down."

Several celebrities have helped fan the flames of social media conspiracy theories, with Cheers actor Woody Harrelson, former Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner and Amanda Holden, a UK Got Talent judge, all posting online about the subject, the newspaper said.

The Digital, Cultural, Media and Sport department took to Twitter to debunk the theories, saying  "there is absolutely no credible evidence" of a link.

Cabinet secretary Michael Gove said the arguments were "dangerous nonsense" to reporters yesterday.

Meanwhile NHS England's National Medical Officer, Professor Steve Powis, condemned them as "the worst kind of fake news."

"I'm absolutely outraged, absolutely disgusted, that people would be taking action against the very infrastructure that we need to respond to this health emergency," he said.

"It is absolute and utter rubbish."