After Noticing A Stolen $1,760 Bike For Sale, This Man Buys It For $104 And Asks For Twitter’s Help To Locate The Owner

If you’re feeling down today and could use some help with restoring your faith in humanity, there’s a lad from Liverpool who’s got you covered. Recently, the young man who goes by the username @SteBurke44 on Twitter went viral for setting an example on how to be a decent human being. After finding a bike for sale, he quickly realized that it was stolen. The man knew how devastating it would be to lose such an expensive bike which according to him runs for about £1350 ($1,760) so he decided to buy it and then return it to the rightful owner. Once he bought it from the thieves for £80 ($104), he took to Twitter to find the owner. It didn’t take long for the owner to DM him.

Recently, a man from Liverpool went viral for his stunning act of kindness

Here’s how people reacted

Even after people offered to split the cost with him, @SteBurke44 refused to accept money from anyone

After noticing how wholesome he is, Halfords offered to give the man a brand new bike as a reward for his kindness!

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