20 Reasons That Human Beings Are Definitely Not Meant To Last

We are surprised that Human Beings are Definitely Not Meant To Last. We gathered a list of people that are totally not meant to last.

1. We'll believe anything:

2. Anything.

3. We take dumb risks:

4. Speakers...

5. And our food goes everywhere:

6. And fall through dumb things:

7. No matter how insane it sounds:


8. Or difficult situations:

9. And just generally getting trapped everywhere we go:

10. And we're very, very slow to react:

11. We're always putting our heads where they don't belong:

12. We constantly get caught in bad situations:

13. We'll eat anything:

14. Roofs:


16. Or perform basic human duties:

17. None of us can read:

18. And especially other animals:

19. I give humans 10 more years, tops.

20. Walls:

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