20 Dog Photos Before & After Their Life-Changing Adoption

About 3.3 million dogs end up in shelters across the United States every year, and about 670K of them are euthanized. While these numbers are heartbreaking, the latter has been steadily declining. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(ASPCA) says that is one of the main reasons why there is an increase in the percentage of animals adopted.
We have found some Dog Photos Before & After Their Life-Changing Adoption.

1. We Found Her Infested With Fleas On The Curb 3 Months Ago. Her Name Is Sky And She Likes The Rain.

2. A Korean Family Rescued This Golden From A Breeding Facility. Went From 15 Lbs To A Healthy 60 Lbs

3. My Next-Door Neighbors Abandoned Their Dog And Got A New Puppy. She Was In The Shelter For A Full Month Before I Realized What Happened. This Is Missy In The Shelter, And When She Realized She's Never Going Back

4. Adoption Day vs. Today. She Has Come A Long Way And Is Spoiled Rotten

5. Rescued A Skeleton And Ended Up With This Sweet Girl Who Is Always Smiling

6. I Found Her 4 Years Ago, Covered In Blisters, No Hair And Starved... Who Knew She'd Be The Love Of My Life. She's The Greatest

7. Rambo Was Left Behind By His Family And Found Tied Inside A Dark Shed By The New Owners. Here's His Before And After

8. Lucia, Right After She Was Rescued From A Hoarder. You Couldn’t Touch Her. Curious But Terrified. Fast Forward 2 Years She’s Fluffy And Fat And Happy

9. The Shelter I Volunteer For Has Incredible Before And After’s

10. Our Pug Had A Hard Start To Life. Raised By A Trucker Who Couldn’t Take Care Of Him And Get Him The Treatment He Needed. Then A Vet Who Didn’t Diagnose H

11. Gus Gus Was Saved From The Meat Trade In China. He Just Moved Into His Forever Home And Now Gets To Spend His Vacations In Tahoe

12. Meet Anna! She Was Living On The Streets Of Italy Before My Mom Brought Her To Germany. Now She's Happy And Loves Her Buddy Iluq

13. This Is Dobby! She Came Into My Life A Few Months Ago After Terrible Neglect From Her Previous Owners. With Some Love And Care (And A Lot Of Food) She Has Turned Into A Whole New Dog! She Is My Everything

14. No One Wanted To Adopt Him Because Of His Cropped Ears And "Scary" Looking Face. He Had Stopped Eating At The Pound And Was Severely Underweight. Now Bronco Is Healthy, Always Smiling, And Loved By Everyone He Meets

15. This Is Ruthie, Our 16yr Old Chihuahua Mix. December Close To Death In The Shelter Compared To

16. Took In This Sweet Angel When I Heard She Was About To Be Tossed In The Garbage By A Breeder For Being A Runt. Four Months Later, And Yumi Is The Most Playful, Loving, Healthy Gal

17. My Gorgeous Pupper With Her Puppies Before I Adopted Her And Now 3.5 Years Later

18. Rescued Last Night, Settled In 2 Hours Later And Slept With Me All Night

19. Ruth Was Used For Breeding And Then Dumped. She Had Soft, Tender Paws From Being Locked Up All The Time And Was Found Tied To A Fence In The July Heat. I Was Honestly A Little Afraid At First But She Is So Docile And Sweet. She Was Adopted By People Who Love And Spoil Her. Her Face Says Everything

20. Suffering From Mange And Unable To Take Care Of Her Puppies To Romping In The Cascade Mountains And A Closet Full Of Bandanas In Every Color


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