21 Amazing Psychological Facts

21 Amazing Psychological Facts

We humans are a mysterious creature. Why does every person behave differently in similar circumstances? Why do we have so much difference in everyone's emotions and reaction? Psychologists have researched this topic. Here are 21 Psychological Facts.

1. If you keep on telling your goal (AIM) everyone, then there is less chance that you can succeed. Tests show that doing this reduces the motivation to work. 

2.  The last person who comes to your mind before sleeping is the reason for your happiness or sadness. 

3. Money can bring happiness in your life to a great extent. But research suggests that after getting more than 15 million annual money, the money does not make any significant increase in your happiness.

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4. Spending money on others, spending money on yourself makes you feel better.

5. 90% people write messages that they can never say in front of them.


6. Most intelligent people tend to underestimate themselves while often the ignorant thinks themselves to be perfect.

7. Most of the stress patients are between 18 to 33 years. After 33 the stress level seems to be lower.

8. Some of us are afraid to be very happy because they feel that something bad will happen.

9. 70% of the time throughout the day our brain is replaying past events or hoping for the success of an upcoming event.
10. Nowadays, the level of stress in high school children is equal to 50-year-old mental patients.  

11. The tears of joy first come from the right eye and tears of sorrow pains begin to come out of the left eye first.  

12. Those who want more sleep than they need to sleep more.  

13. When you are a bachelor, you are more likely to see married people more happy and after marriage, you are more happy with the bachelors.  

14. 80% of people listen to music to run away from the negative things of their lives.  

15. Those who are quick to understand the deformity, they often also master their brains.  

16. Responding to an irrelevant question is a symptom of a healthy mind.

17. The effect of your thoughts on every cell of the body. Negative thinking reduces immunity and you become ill.

18. Those who spend more time in sunlight, less stress, depression.  

19. Those who have less self-confidence, they often make many drawbacks of others.  

20. The great people of lying are also quick to catch others' lies.

21. Busy people are more happy because they do not give them time to think about the negative aspects of life. 

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